About me

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About me

My name is Marleen Ceulemans, I am an intuitive guide and call myself the Heart-whisperer.


I inspire by being and staying true to myself, following my intuition/joy and speaking my truth from a balanced Divine male/feminine energy. I love dancing, transmitting energy, connecting with nature and animals (especially dolphins and dogs).


I always had a strong connection with dolphins. Since I was a little child, I wanted to go swim with them and was deeply touched by these magnificent beings. I am called to spread the message of the dolphins and The Golden Nai’a. Nai’a means dolphin. The golden dolphin symbolizes the Spirit of Freedom.


Note that I’m not here to teach you new techniques, methods or principles. Through my offerings I invite you to come and play, connect deeper with your intuition.

I invite you to join me on a journey to remember that your inherent nature is to have fun, be healthy, happy, strong and FREE.

My distance sessions, energy infusions, coachings, ceremonies, one on one healings, workshops and all of my offerings are experiential in nature were we let things unfold naturally in the power of the now moment.


Ps: I live in Belgium and also speak Dutch. I created this website in English, not only because I serve an international public but also because the English language resonates much more with me and carries more the vibrational resonance to what I want to transmit.