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Kaily – The Netherlands


I got another wonderful dolphin infusion treatment, which was very comforting and supportive. The energy definitely relieved my depression and helped me sleep well. I didn't sleep well for a long time, had lots of nightmares and woke up feeling very stressed and scared a few times per night. After Marleen’s help I slept very deep, and didn't wake up until the next morning. I felt a lot better than usual. Thank you so much!!

Gerda – The Netherlands


Last night I received a Divine Dolphin Energy Infusion from Marleen. I lay down and had put on some soft music. Pretty soon it seemed like waves of the ocean were going through my body. For a little while I felt nothing and then my whole body got filled up with a subtle soft energy. After a few minutes that faded away and again a few moments of stillness. Then again I was filled up with this energy but only much much stronger then the first time. It was as I became transparent and I felt a dolphin swimming through my body from head to toe. At the same time with this energy more high frequency light entered me. After that more dolphins swam through my transparent body and I felt their joy and happiness. Such a pure and uncomplicated joy they eminate…so wonderful to feel! It lasted for a few minutes, but after that I felt an amazing relaxation that I enjoyed for more then 1,5 hours.

Thank you lovely Marleen for this beautiful experience, it is a true gift!


Sue – USA


The Dolphin energy was very nice – once I laid back in my recliner the very first thing I noticed was a visual of dolphins swimming in the sea – it confirmed to me that the energy had started so I just let go and relaxed. It felt like it took a little more than 30 minutes to completely download and then I stayed with it for another hour – part of that time I dozed off because I was very relaxed. All together I spent a little more than 90 minutes before I got up – finished a few things before I went to bed and then slept about 9 hours with only getting up once in the night to use the bathroom. I was a very nice night’s sleep – I know I was dreaming – but when I woke up this morning, I didn’t remember them. It was a great experience.

Kim – England


I received a distant dolphin energy infusion from Marleen. It was in the morning and I was drawn to having a lovely hot bath whilst she did the session.

I just relaxed in the bath for 15 mins or so and accepted in the energies and chilled.

I then had to do many tasks straight after, driving around, collecting things, talking to people. Whereas on the previous few days I had felt sluggish and wanting to just 'rest', I noticed I now felt invigorated again. I had a sense of excitement again for the day ahead and an urge to get things done and start tasks I had been putting to one side for a few weeks.

By the end of the day I had accomplished more than I had dragged myself through over the past few weeks. I felt more energetic again and enthusiastic.

And to top it off, as I lay down to sleep that night I could sense the room fill with the cetacean energies. There were dolphins around me, swimming and chattering. My huge blue whale also came in to sing and swim. Beautiful end to a magical day!


Thank you Marleen for your gift of delivering the dolphin energy infusion.

Kaily – The Netherlands


I loved the Dolphin Energy Infusion Marleen did on me. It was so gentle but strong at the same time. I felt energy buzzing through my feet and tailbone, and felt lots of energy being released in specific parts of my body. To me it seemed like old energy got cleaned up so joyful and loving energy could come in. After the healing I felt very relaxed, I really enjoyed it a lot. Thank you so much!!


Ronald – The Netherlands


A while ago I had a few distance healing sessions from Marleen so I am kind of familiar with that energy. The Dolphin Energy Infusion was totally different for me. We agreed a date and time and I laid down waiting for it to come. Slightly a very soft and gentle energy surrounded my entire body. I cannot really describe what happened during the transmission but it felt amazing. It took about 90 minutes and if it was up to me it could go on forever. I felt So loved by the energy. It felt funny, joyful and playful and soft and Loving at the same time. After the infusion I felt younger and I still do after one week now. Thank you dear Marleen, you are the best