Dolphin Infusions

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Divine Dolphin Energy Infusions

The dolphins invite you to play and experience their beautiful and powerful healing energies at the comfort of your own home.


Based on the metaphor/analogy of a tea bag Marleen created Divine Dolphin Energy Infusions. When a tea bag is put into a cup of hot water, it unleashes its flavors into the water for you to enJOY and experience the benefits of the tea.


Likewise, your energy field will be infused with transformational dolphin/whale divine energies during a distance session. In a relaxing and quiet place at the comfort of your home you are invited to just breath and surrender to what the divine energies have to offer you.


During distance sessions Marleen transmits the energies from the purity of her being with unconditional love and devotion. How you experience them is very personal and unique to you.


Marleen experiences the dolphin energy as Divine Love, Flow, Joy, Fun, Playfulness, Balance, Gratitude and inner FREEdom. It fuels and inspires her to follow her path of Joy.



The Infusions unlock the magic from within you!