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Agreements when working with Marleen Ceulemans

I work in a Sacred space which means a place where we honor the highest vibration of our infinite being;


We are here to open ourselves to the sacredness of our own heart, which means to devote ourselves to the highest teachings of spirit. These teachings are for us to recognize our own Inner Self and become a vessel of true spirit.


Everything that needs to unfold during these sessions, workshops and ceremonies, is for the purpose of your deepest soul longing.

* I am here to hold space for you and support you. I am at service to your soul. Not to your personal desires/ego.

*Although Love is infinite and has no boundaries, we are in full respect to our human limitations and boundaries. 

* Client’s confidentiality: Everything that happens or is being said during our time together, stays in the sacred space. You may share your experience with others and your insights, if you feel you want to.

* You as participant are responsible for your own processes.

* During distance sessions Marleen works from a space of unconditional Love and purity. How you receive and create your experience is your responsibility.

* Your fee is an energetic exchange and a symbol of your intention and gratitude.


Cancellation & Return Policy

Event Cancellation Policy

For live events, all sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges.

Signing up and paying for an event or session indicates that you have read and agreed to comply with this cancellation policy.

Service Refund Policy

Payment is required prior to services being rendered. Any coaching or consulting services performed by Marleen Ceulemans is non-refundable.



By participating in any of the events/sessions in person or remotely done by Marleen Ceulemans you fully understand and acknowledge that by attending these events, you do so at your own risk and you fully acknowledge and understand that by taking part in any meditation practice, mental and physical exercise, deep healing, vibrational and transformational work as well as any ceremonial experiences comes with inherent risk and hereby Marleen Ceulemans and any associated companies (for example The Golden Naia Foundation), colleagues, facilitators and team members along with its employees, directors, officers and representatives and other parties involved in the creation, maintenance and facilitation of this retreat, are released from any liability arising as a result in your participation in any event, including, without limitations, any direct, special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages or other damages or injuries of any kind, including, but not limited to physical injury, illness, death, loss of profits, whether in an action in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence) or otherwise.

Marleen Ceulemans does not claim to heal, cure, treat, diagnose or advise on any illness, injury or disease or claim to offer any medical treatment, financial advice or legal guidance. Marleen Ceulemans is not liable for any outcome that may or may not occur from doing vibrational work on people, including remotely through others. Please consult trained medical, legal or financial professionals before making important decisions on these matters. The only thing Marleen Ceulemans claims to do is support the awakening of natural transformational forces within you as a result of elevating your frequency. All results thereafter are created by your own self.

Marleen Ceulemans is no doctor. She does not set any diagnose nor does she subscribe medication. Energetical treatments and ceremonies are not meant to replace traditional medicine. They can never replace medical advice, diagnose or treatment. All info, suggestions included, recommendations, techniques, downloads or any other material is not medical or psychological advice. For legal purposes it must be clear that all sessions and ceremonies are for entertainment only. 

This website contains ideas and opinions of Marleen with the intention to provide information. Let it be clear that, as stated above Marleen is not giving any medical treatments therefor a specialist must be consulted if you have any complaints or health issues.

Marleen does not take any responsibility for any loss or risk, personal or other, direct or indirect. By taking part in the activities, events, workshops, sessions, she organizes, you agree with this statement. 

Testimonials are no guarantee or prediction concerning any outcome concerning methods or any other specific use. All links to other websites on this website are placed in good faith. Marleen Ceulemans is not responsible for its content, nor does it provides any guarantees.

Before starting any event, you will be asked to sign a document that will briefly mention the above and to point out your own responsibilities. When you refuse to sign the document, you can NOT take part of any activity. No refunds will be made. If you want, you can always ask to receive the document upfront.

In case of not enough participants, Marleen has the right to cancel an event. You will be notified up front and will be getting a full refund in that case or you will have the possibility to join another retreat on another date.

All content on this website is protected by copy rights. Nothing from this site may be reproduced or transferred in any form without written approval of Marleen.

By surfing on this website and undergoing an energy session with Marleen you completely agree with the points mentioned above and take distance from any claim towards Marleen on any area.



Privacy Policy

This page was last updated on January 10th 2019.

I am aware of the fact you are trusting my services. Therefor I take responsibility to protect you privacy. In this page I let you know what information I collect when you surf on my website, why I collect it and how I use it to improve your users experience. So you understand how I work.

This privacy policy applies to the services of Marleen Ceulemans – Dolphin Energy. You need to be aware that Marleen Ceulemans – Dolphin energy is not responsible for the privacy policy of others sites and sources. By using this website you accept this privacy policy.

Marleen Ceulemans – Dolphin Energy respects the privacy of all its users on the site and makes sure the information you provide is kept confidential.


Use of collected information


Use of my services

When you subscribe or use one of my services I sometimes as you to provide personal info. This info is used to be able to perform the service. The information is kept on a protected computer. I will not combine these personal info with other coordinates I have.



When you send me an email or other messages, it is possible I save them. Sometimes I ask you for personal info that is relevant for that situation. This makes it possible to answer your questions and requests. The information is stored on my own personal computer.



I do not collect any information for other purposes other then I have described in this privacy policy, unless I have your permission.


Third parties

Your information is not shared with any else.



This privacy statement is in tune for the use and possibilities of this site. Possible adjustments and/or changes of this site, can lead to changes in the privacy statement. Therefor it is recommended to check this pricavy statement on a regular base.


Choice for personal information

I offer all visitors of the website to consult, change or delete all of their personal information at the moment it was handed to me.


Adjust/unsubscribe communication

With every mail you receive from me, you can always let me know by email you do not want to receive any further communication from me. I immediately delete your name from the mailing list.


Questions and feedback

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can always contact me:

Marleen Ceulemans – Dolphin Energy

Krekelstraat 48 – 9052 Zwijnaarde

0032 479 47 13 47